Check out this Awesome Duct Tape!

Hi everyone. I was trying to decide what type of duct tape to buy next…and I realized that there are so many choices! So I decided to do a post about  different duct tape patterns. Here are 3 that I think will work well with lots of projects.


Peace Duct Tape Rose Ring


Damask Duct Tape Rose Ring

3. Note- This one is a limited addition so it’s no longer available

Purple Plaid Duct Tape Rose Ring

So there you have it! As you can see from the pictures, these would make great rings. I also think they would look good on duct tape sheets, especially a Kindle Fire Case. I love these patterns!

Adorable Duct Tape Coasters

Hello all, I’m excited to show you my latest duct tape craft! I was sitting at my desk, dreaming up ideas, when I thought, “How about I make something useful out of cardboard?” I thought some more, and this is what I came up with! To make these you’ll need cardboard of medium thickness, a few rolls of duct tape, and some scissors.

1. To start, trace the inside of the duct tape roll onto cardboard. Cut it out. It’s important that the cardboard you’re using isn’t to thick to cut, but is still thick enough to work as a coaster.

2. After you’ve cut out the round shape, completely cover the coaster with duct tape.

3. Then…the fun part! Decorate your coaster by adding other colors of tape in stripes. As you can see, I used small stripes on my blue coaster and one big stripe on my pink coaster. You can really do whatever you’d like. Be creative and have fun!

Masking Tape Blob Posters

Okay, I admit it. Technically this project uses masking tape, not duct tape. But it’s so much fun that I just have to post it anyway. You can create so many different designs with this project, and I’m excited to share it. You’ll need regular copy paper, masking tape, and watercolor paints. White regular paint is optional.

1. First, create your design on the paper by attaching masking tape in the desired shape. As you can see, I wrote “Love.”

2. Now totally be creative and just paint giant blobs of color. It’s okay to paint over the masking tape. Just pretend it’s not there!

3. After letting the paint completely dry, slowly and gently peel off the masking tape. If you accidentally peel off some paper, you can touch it up with white paint. Or just leave it, if you like the look (I did).

And…voila! A masking tape blob poster! P.S. Why didn’t I use duct tape? It’s too sticky!

Tape Up Your Scooter!

Hola! I was a bit bored this weekend, so when I found this old scooter lying around, the first thing I thought was, “Score!” I dashed over to my desk and found my duct tape, and within minutes this scooter was snazzier than ever! It was ok that I did this, because I know I’ll never need to make the scooter any shorter. I’m not sure if it will still fold up, but, if you know you won’t need to shorten it…go ahead! I’m not going to give specific instructions on this one, because really, you can do whatever you want. I created stripes by wrapping small strips of tape around the pole. I didn’t end up using too much tape, which was good. It takes a lot less than it looks like! In about 5 minutes, a scooter will go from plain to stripey! Have fun!

Duct Tape Notebook

What’s the best place to store your latest duct tape ideas? In a duct tape notebook, of course! Today I’ll be showing you how to make one. It will be 48 pages long! You’ll need 3 pieces of plain old, regular copy paper (8.5″ x 11″), and some duct tape.

1. Cut them into fourths, like the diagram shows. 

2. Stack the fourths on top of each other horizontally and fold them in half like a book.

3. Create a duct tape sheet (see my tutorial) that’s 12 cm by 17 cm.

4. Hold the duct tape sheet horizontally and fold it in half like a book, then put it around the paper so it acts as a book cover.

5.Open the “book” to the center and staple it in the middle crease. Ta-dah! A notebook!

Duct Tape Doodles has Moved to WordPress!

Duct Tape Doodles has moved from Blogger to WordPress, within its first week. Many of you may be asking, “What brought about this sudden change?” Well, the truth is, I don’t know. It was just an impulse. I was just lying on the couch, when suddenly the idea popped into my head. So I did a bit of research on WordPress (.com) and I liked what I saw. I noticed that many people said WordPress ranked higher on search engines. I liked the user interface a lot better. And, best of all, the WordPress app was available in the very limited Kindle Fire app store! But mostly, I just impulsively switched over :). I’m pretty sure it was a good choice, though, because I’m so far very satisfied with WordPress. So much for an informative post! Duct tape notebook coming soon!

Duct Tape Earring Holder

 Hi everyone, today I’m going to show you how to make a… duct tape earring holder! This is a pretty easy project, but it requires you to make a duct tape sheet. If you don’t know how to do that, check out this tutorial. What you’re going to need is:
Duct tape. I used one color but you can use as many as you’d like.
A permanent marker.
A small piece of straw.
Something big and round to trace. Plates work well.

1. First, create a duct tape sheet (see my tutorial). Trace the round object onto it with permanent marker.

2. Cut out the round shape.

3. Next, thread a piece of yarn through the straw and tie it in a loop.

4. Tape the straw to the back of the duct tape sheet.

I decorated the front of the holder with DTD (guess what it stands for?) You can decorate this however you’d like, but I don’t recommend gluing or taping things on because you will have a harder time of attaching the earrings. To hang your earrings, just poke them through the tape! If they have a back, attach the back on the other side of the holder. Comments? Questions? Ideas? Please comment!