Duct Tape Doodles has Moved to WordPress!

Duct Tape Doodles has moved from Blogger to WordPress, within its first week. Many of you may be asking, “What brought about this sudden change?” Well, the truth is, I don’t know. It was just an impulse. I was just lying on the couch, when suddenly the idea popped into my head. So I did a bit of research on WordPress (.com) and I liked what I saw. I noticed that many people said WordPress ranked higher on search engines. I liked the user interface a lot better. And, best of all, the WordPress app was available in the very limited Kindle Fire app store! But mostly, I just impulsively switched over :). I’m pretty sure it was a good choice, though, because I’m so far very satisfied with WordPress. So much for an informative post! Duct tape notebook coming soon!


What do you think?

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