Tape Up Your Scooter!

Hola! I was a bit bored this weekend, so when I found this old scooter lying around, the first thing I thought was, “Score!” I dashed over to my desk and found my duct tape, and within minutes this scooter was snazzier than ever! It was ok that I did this, because I know I’ll never need to make the scooter any shorter. I’m not sure if it will still fold up, but, if you know you won’t need to shorten it…go ahead! I’m not going to give specific instructions on this one, because really, you can do whatever you want. I created stripes by wrapping small strips of tape around the pole. I didn’t end up using too much tape, which was good. It takes a lot less than it looks like! In about 5 minutes, a scooter will go from plain to stripey! Have fun!

What do you think?

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