Adorable Duct Tape Coasters

Hello all, I’m excited to show you my latest duct tape craft! I was sitting at my desk, dreaming up ideas, when I thought, “How about I make something useful out of cardboard?” I thought some more, and this is what I came up with! To make these you’ll need cardboard of medium thickness, a few rolls of duct tape, and some scissors.

1. To start, trace the inside of the duct tape roll onto cardboard. Cut it out. It’s important that the cardboard you’re using isn’t to thick to cut, but is still thick enough to work as a coaster.

2. After you’ve cut out the round shape, completely cover the coaster with duct tape.

3. Then…the fun part! Decorate your coaster by adding other colors of tape in stripes. As you can see, I used small stripes on my blue coaster and one big stripe on my pink coaster. You can really do whatever you’d like. Be creative and have fun!

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