Duct Tape Roll Bracelet

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t written for a week! I guess it’s a new record, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, here I am now, and I’m going to show you how to reuse the cardboard roll your duct tape comes on, after you’ve run out of tape. To make this bracelet, you need a used up duct tape roll, a few colors of yarn, and duct tape.

1. Rap the yarn around the roll. To start a new piece of yarn, tape down the end on the inside of the roll. Then, rap the yarn around until the roll is completely covered.

2. Although this looks pretty good, the yarn will get scratchy. So, cover the inside of the bracelet with duct tape. I found it that it works best if you use lots of short pieces. There you have it! A beautiful bangle. Bye for now!

Duct Tape Doll Umbrella

DSCF1054Hello, faithful readers! Although this project looks simple, it’s not so easy! But, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through all the steps to make this great gift! It’s really made of two parts- the top and the pole. I’ll just show you how to make them individually, then how to connect them.

So, to begin…the top. You’ll need a duct tape sheet (see my tutorial), scissors, and something round to trace, like a small plate.

1. Trace the round object onto the duct tape sheet. Cut it out.

2. Next, cut a slit from the outside edge to the center, like the diagram shows. 3. Now you’ll need to take one side of the slit and push it under the other, so  you get a cone shape. Tape down the sides.

You made the top!

Now, the pole. You’ll need a plastic straw, a new color of tape, and scissors.

1. If the straw has a bendy part, cut it off.

2. Wrap the straw in duct tape, but do not wrap the top and bottom of it.

3. Now, here’s the tricky part, so read carefully. Cut the straw in half at the top, so you end up with two slits directly across from each other. The slits should be about half an inch long.

4. On each half, peel the straw and tape apart and cut off the straw. You’ll have two short pieces of tape, which you should stick inside the middle of the cone to attach the two parts.

Phew! That was a lot. But your  umbrella is complete! You can help your doll hold it with a rubber band or hair elastic. Adios for now!

Duct Tape Wall Art

Duct Tape Wall Art
Purple font today :)! Anyway… the craft: Although simple, duct tape wall art can be very beautiful! This is such a quick, easy craft too. I made it in about 5 minutes! To make these, you’ll need 3 small canvases (available at craft stores), patterned duct tape, and solid colored duct tape.

1. Create a background with the solid tape. I recommend using multiple layers of tape.

2. Add small strips of the patterned tape in simple designs. I made an “X,” stripes, and folded over corners on my three canvases.

Hang them up next to each other on the wall!

“Smile” Kindle Fire Case/ the Promised Video!

Hi guys. Remember that video I promised to show you today? Well here it is! I found this on Youtube on a channel called “Duct Tape Stuff.” I really like this video. Although it is really about creating numbers and letters, I assume you could use this technique to make any simple shape.

Pretty cool huh? And, by the way, remember that good ol’ Kindle Fire case that I made a while ago? Well, this video inspired me to “jazz” it up a bit!

That’s all for now! Enjoy the video!

“It’s Rough” Duct Tape Bookmark

I’m the type of person who will never (ever!!) put a book down. But sometimes it’s just so hard to keep going when a book gets boring! So I made the “It’s Rough” bookmark for times like these. You’ll need a 14 inch patterned piece of duct tape and a few inches of solid colored tape. You’ll also need a scrap of ribbon.

1. Fold the patterned tape in half so it is 7 in long. Try to make it a bit wrinkly.

2. Next, you can see I added stripes with the solid color. It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but the blues have very rough, jagged edges. To create this effect, rip the stripes instead of cutting them.

3. Tape the ribbon to the top of the back. Now, take a pair of scissors and cut the edges of the bookmark in a jagged, messy fashion.

Your bookmark is complete! 🙂 Very useful video coming on Thursday….bye for now! P.S. Yup… experimenting with html again- the font is now green!

Cute Summer Color Combo

Hi everyone. Today I went to Office Max to get return address labels, and decided to pick up some duct tape while I was there. I got adorable an adorable splatter paint design, and a bright, sunny yellow. It took me a while but I finally decided on these two colors because they’re so summery! But, believe it or not, the price was rather odd. The yellow tape was 20 yards long, while the colorful tape was 10 yards! However, they were the same price! I was startled to see this huge difference. Not that I’m complaining. It probably costs more money to make the colorful tape. But anyway, just a random surprise!

Transform Last Year’s Flip Flops with Duct Tape!

Summer’s almost here (kind of), but last year’s flip flops just won’t do the trick. Wait! Don’t go out and buy a new pair. You can beautify your dirty sandals with duct tape!

Before you begin, give your flops a good scrubbing. I found these great instructions that should help.

For this project you will need two colors of duct tape (& some nail polish if you’d like ;-)).

1. Cut a few short pieces of tape (about 6 inches long, I used two of each color per flip flop). Hold each of them vertically and rip them in half so they are skinnier.

2. Wrap them around your flip flops like the picture shows. When both flip flops are complete, paint your toenails if you’d like.

Have fun! P.S. I was experimenting with the html option and decided to make the font orange!