Duct Tape Box

Hello! So this is my latest project…a duct tape box! While it may not seem all that impressive, this colorful box is actually very useful- a great storage space with lots of style. Imagine taking just a plain old, regular cardboard box (brown), and snazzing it up so much that you can’t tell it ever held shoes! Well here’s how to do it! You’ll need a cardboard box of any size, an index card, a marker, and two colors of duct tape.

1. First, neatly cover the outside of the box in one color of tape. I found it easier to add lots of small strips than to wrap one big piece of tape around the box.

2. Next, cover the inside of the box in another color. Remember to tape the bottom!

3. On the index card, write down whatever you’ll be keeping in the box, then tape the card to the front.

Ta-dah! Although this project may seem simple, you’re really making a common, necessary household item. It’s a whole lot prettier than plain brown cardboard, and it costs a whole lot less than a store bought container! Happy taping!

What do you think?

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