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  1. This is a lovely bag, you have done a very nice job. Thanks for liking my recent duct tape post on http://www.handmadeandhomespun.wordpress.com. My boys are really the duct tape artists but I dabble in the medium a bit. I am planning to do a project with a duct tape and a rabbit feed sack (we are rabbit ranchers, you can read about that on my other blog http://www.4dfarmandrabbitry.wordpress.com), follow my blog to see the outoutcome of that project , get inspirations, try a tutorial or two and see new gift items as we complete them. Have fun with the duct tape. God bless.

    • Thank you so much for the comment, it really means a lot. I actually didn’t make that bag, but reblogged it from Organicflame Pottery and Sculpture by Jackie Maphis. I agree, she did a wonderful job on the bag. Your project with duct tape and a rabbit feed sack sounds very interesting, and I’ll definitely check out your blog! Thank you again for commenting!

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