Duct Tape Stationary (lata noto ziti)


Hi everyone! So, as you read earlier, the only roll of duct tape that hasn’t run away without telling me is Mr. Pink Polka. So here he is on his own stationary! The final result of this stationary actually doesn’t contain any duct tape, because its texture is a bit awkward and heavy for a greeting card or grocery list. And by the way…just in case you can see the letters on my stationary…I know they don’t make any sense. But just to make my stationary look more…authentic (or something) I wrote in cursive. Unfortunately, I only know a few letters, which explains “lata noto ziti.” Oh, well. And one more thing: I decided to try image instructions along with text instructions today. Okay, now I’ll get to the tutorial already!

Stationary Collage

1. Collect your supplies. You’ll need a roll of duct tape, a few index cards, a Sharpie, and a copier.

2. Cut your duct tape into small strips. Or, if you’re lazy like me, you can just rip it.

3. Tape your index card. Or cards. It’s best if you use simple patterns without too much tape, so you don’t draw too much attention away from your note.

4. Add small designs with Sharpie. Again, don’t do too much. I just added a smile, the word “Thanks,” and a heart.

5. Make a copy of your card.  This will remove the awkward texture and weight of duct tape. You can make as many copies as you’d like.

6. Trim your card. Pretty self explanatory…

7. Write your note!!

Please let me know how the image instructions worked for you. See ya soon!

3 thoughts on “Duct Tape Stationary (lata noto ziti)

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