Wow! An awesome craft from Baking and Blankets. This pencil case is inexpensive to make and very cute.

Baking and Blankets

I found this and it looked so easy that I had to try it right away. Guess what, It WAS super easy!

Materials you’ll need:

Candy wrappers/candybag


Duct tape (any color/pattern you’d like)

Zipper (I used the 7 inch 18 cm ones, but that depends on the size you’re going to make your pouch)




You can use just about any candy wrapper. I suggest the first one you make be from a plastic candy bag of some sort, it’s much easier to work with than paper wrappers, or using a bunch of wrappers for one pouch.

Cut your bag open so it’s a big rectangle.


Now turn it over and start to cover the back with duct tape. If you’re using multiple wrappers (like starburst wrappers) then I suggest getting a sheet of duct tape and sticking the wrappers to the top of it.




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