Washi Tape Zipper Pulls

Washi Tape Zipper Pull

Hello! Today I’ve decided to try experimenting with a new material: washi tape. This is very similar to masking tape, and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Here are instructions for the zipper pull. My sister actually came up with this idea:


Washi Tape Zipper Pull


Washi Tape

Tape Measure



1. Cut a 7 inch strip of tape.

2. Holding the tape horizontally, fold 1/3 of the strip towards the center, sticky side to sticky side.

3. Fold the remaining sticky side down. The strip should no longer be sticky.

4. Fold the strip in half through the metal ring attached to the zipper.

5. Cut a small piece of tape, about 1/4-1/2 of an inch long.

6. Wrap the small piece around both sides of the large strip, about 2 inches away from the zipper.

7. Trim off anything past the small piece.

And you’ve made a zipper pull! I like this craft because it takes no more than five minutes to make but is very cute and pretty. It also doesn’t use many materials. That’s all for now! See ya soon!

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