Back to School: Decorate an Old Binder with Duct Tape

ImageHello everyone! Recently I met with J from Two Peas in a Pod Crafts to create this binder in the spirit of back to school! It was great to recycle this binder and give it a new look! We tested out paint sharpies on the duct tape and it turned out great! It was a ton of fun and we wanted to share our little project with you.


You Need:

An old binder

Duct tape

Sharpie paint markers

1. Cover both the front and back sides of the binder in duct tape. Make sure to do it neatly! You may need to trim the tape a bit. If you want, you can also cover the inside.

2. Trim off any excess tape.

3. Cover the spine in tape. Trim any excess material

4. DECORATE!!!! It was a blast creating the designs with different colored paint sharpies.

And you’re done! Remember to follow Duct Tape Doodles on bloglovin’, and check out S and J’s blog at Cheers!

15 thoughts on “Back to School: Decorate an Old Binder with Duct Tape

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  7. I love this idea. I have some binders that are plain and starting to wear. This should perk them up a bit. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

    • Thanks so much! Most office supply stores (like Office max and Staples) carry duct tape, as do craft stores like Michael’s. I have seen duct tape at Walmart as well. The Duck Brand website does not sell directly, but will tell you where to buy specific patterns. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  8. This is a great idea:) duct tape sav. Us some money because my daughter had an event that required a helmet but she said she was too old for her Dora the explorer one and wanted a “cool” one. I had just found your blog and thought why not try the tape to cover up old Dora. It looked so cute and styling for my “old” 7 year old:)

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