Another Masking Tape Blob Poster!

Hello everyone! I felt like taking a little break from duct tape today, so I decided to make another masking tape blog poster! Since I already had a “Love” poster, I thought I would make a “Peace” poster as well. I actually used the white paint technique for this guy, because the paper was pretty ripped up when I pealed the tape off (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my Masking Tape Blob Poster tutorial.) Anyway, the white paint I used was Crayola Kids Paint, nothing fancy :), but it worked fine! And it gave the letters an interesting texture. I think the poster is also slightly less fragile now.

The other change you’ll notice is that I decided to frame the poster with some yellow duct tape. I only framed two sides, because I thought framing the whole thing would cause too much of the artwork to be lost I put lots of glitter all over the tape (from the picture it just looks dark, but it was actually quite sparkly) I’m not sure if I like it or not, though.

These posters are so much fun and so easy to make, and they don’t take much time. I’ll definitely be making more of them. Happy weekend, and “Peace!”

P.S. Masking Tape Blog Posters Tutorial

Masking Tape Blob Posters

Okay, I admit it. Technically this project uses masking tape, not duct tape. But it’s so much fun that I just have to post it anyway. You can create so many different designs with this project, and I’m excited to share it. You’ll need regular copy paper, masking tape, and watercolor paints. White regular paint is optional.

1. First, create your design on the paper by attaching masking tape in the desired shape. As you can see, I wrote “Love.”

2. Now totally be creative and just paint giant blobs of color. It’s okay to paint over the masking tape. Just pretend it’s not there!

3. After letting the paint completely dry, slowly and gently peel off the masking tape. If you accidentally peel off some paper, you can touch it up with white paint. Or just leave it, if you like the look (I did).

And…voila! A masking tape blob poster! P.S. Why didn’t I use duct tape? It’s too sticky!