Duct Tape Beads


Hi everyone! Today we’re going to make duct tape beads! I decided to try another image tutorial- it’s not perfect but I’m still learning, so “stick” with me. I found an awesome site for info graphics and image editing called Picmonkey, so get ready to see some nice images in future posts! Now, to the project. Please note that this craft requires the use of an Exacto knife, and although kids can wrap and string the beads by themselves, they should not be allowed to handle the sharp knife.

Duct Tape Beads:

Bead Collage



Duct Tape


Exacto Knife


1.Lay out an 8 inch long piece of duct tape.

2/3. Cut the tape into 4 triangles, as shown in the picture.

4. Wrap each triangle around the straw, starting with the wide end.

5. Trim the beads.

Duct Tape Braided Bracelet

These adorable bracelets are cute, funky, and totally unique!

You need:
3 colors of duct tape

1. Cut your tape. Cut three pieces of tape, one from each color, so that each one is long enough to wrap twice around your wrist.

2. Prepare to braid. Hold each piece of tape horizontally. Fold the top all the way down, so you’re folding the piece in half. It should now be skinnier, but still the same length. Repeat on all tape pieces.

3. Tape the pieces together. Fold them each in half again, then lay them one on top of the other, then wrap a small piece of tape around the top. Twist each hanging peice of tape so they look like ropes.

4. Braid the tape. If you don’t know how to braid, you can find a tutorial here.

5. After you finish, tape the pieces together. You should now have one strong braid with tape on both ends.

 6. Now tape the two ends of the bracelet together. Use a small piece of tape. Congrats!!! You just made an awesome bracelet!