Washi Tape Garland

washi tape garland

Hey everyone! Today’s craft is a super cute washi tape garland! These garlands are highly popular on Pinterest, so I decided to try them out. The craft is simple and quick, but is a great way to decorate walls, bulletin boards, birthday cards, and so much more. Here’s my tutorial:

washi tape garland


Washi tape



1. Wrap equally spaced pieces of tape around the twine.

2. Trim the tape pieces to your desired size and shape. To make sure all of my flags looked the same, I cut one piece to the correct shape, then placed it over the other flags so I could “trace” with scissors.

3. Hang your garland! I hung my garland with washi tape, but you could also use pushpins on a bulletin board.

That’s all!

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Have a great day 🙂

Duct Tape Wall Art

Duct Tape Wall Art
Purple font today :)! Anyway… the craft: Although simple, duct tape wall art can be very beautiful! This is such a quick, easy craft too. I made it in about 5 minutes! To make these, you’ll need 3 small canvases (available at craft stores), patterned duct tape, and solid colored duct tape.

1. Create a background with the solid tape. I recommend using multiple layers of tape.

2. Add small strips of the patterned tape in simple designs. I made an “X,” stripes, and folded over corners on my three canvases.

Hang them up next to each other on the wall!