Duct Tape Rose Pen

Everyone has them…so everyone wants them! Here’s how to make them.

You need:
Green Duct Tape
At Least One Other Color of Duct Tape
A Pen

1. Wrap the pen in green duct tape. If your pen has a cap, you can cover the cap in tape also, but do not tape the part of the pen that will go inside the cap. This will prevent it from closing.

2. Make the flower petals. Cut a pieces of tape so they are about 2 1/2 inches long. Hold a piece vertically, sticky side up. Fold over the top right-hand corner, but not all the way. Now fold down the top left-hand corner. Repeat on as many pieces of tape as you’d like.

3. Stick the petals around the top of the pen. The more you add, the bigger your flower will become! You can layer different colors to make your flower unique.