Duct Tape Hair Bows!

duct tape hair bow

Hello, faithful followers! Today I’ll show you how to make a duct tape hair bow. When made correctly, these bows should have no exposed sticky spots, so they won’t get stuck in your hair. Since they’re so easy to make, I’ll just write out the instructions.


Duct Tape



Bobby Pin

1. Cut 3 pieces of duct tape. One should be 4 inches long, and the other two should be 1/4 inch long.

2. Fold the big piece of tape in half vertically. It should still have the same width but be 2 inches long. Fold it sticky side to sticky side, and if any sticky bits hang off make sure to trim them.

3. Accordion fold the big piece of tape. 

4. Wrap a small piece of tape around the middle of your accordion folded piece. You now have a completed bow!

5. Wrap the second small piece of tape around the bow, overlapping the first piece. This time, however, attach it to the bobby pin as you wrap.

And that’s it! Again, make sure there are no sticky parts that will be exposed to your hair. Likes, follows, comments, and especially shares are greatly appreciated :D. Ciao for now!

Duct Tape Hair Extension

Add some style to your hair! These duct tape hair extensions are easy to make and stay in very well. To make them, you’ll need scissors, duct tape, and a bobby pin.

1. Cut a piece of duct tape that’s as long as your hair.

2. Hold it vertically and fold it in half, left to right.

3. Now cut very small strips of duct tape. You can use as many as you’d like (the picture shows two).

4. Push the small strips partway through the end of the bobby pin. Fold them over the bobby pin and tape them to the duct tape on the other side.

5. To put your extensions in your hair, slide the bobby pin under your hair.