Duct Tape Dry-Erase Board

The perfect tool for writing notes and reminders every day!

You need:
2 colors of duct tape
Transparent packaging tape
Thick piece of cardboard (any size)

1. Cover cardboard in duct tape. Use one color, it is recommended that you use solid color duct tape.

2. Neatly and completely cover the cardboard in packaging tape. This is what will make the board dry-erase. If you don’t completely cover over the duct tape, your board will stain.

3. Add the corner decorations. Cut two pieces of your second color of duct tape. They should be about four inches long. Wrap them around two opposite corners of your dry-erase board.

4. Attach the yarn. Cut it two the desired length and then tape it to the back of your board.

Make sure you use only dry-erase markers with these boards so that they will be erasable. You can find them at Office Max, Staples, and Amazon.