Washi Tape Corner Bookmark

washi tape corner bookmark

Happy Earth Day! Today, after much “Pinspiration,” I created my first corner bookmark! The advantage of a corner bookmark is that it does not stick out of books, making it less easily bent and torn. Creating the bookmark is simple and quick. Of course, it’s green and brown, in honor of our fantastic Earth!

Corner bookmark instructions


6″ by 6″ piece of cardstock






Washi tape

1. In pencil, lightly divide the cardstock into four equal squares (I darkened the lines in the picture to make it easier to see.)

2. Divide two opposite squares diagonally, as the picture shows.

3. Cut off two outer triangles and one square. Again, use the picture for reference.

4. Fold both triangles on top of the square. Using the paintbrush, spread a thin layer of glue over only the top of the bottom triangle. Then, press the top triangle over the bottom triangle. Don’t glue the square!

5. Cover in washi tape.

That’s all! If one bookmark just isn’t enough, try making a Duct Tape Fall Bookmark or the “It’s Rough” Duct Tape Bookmark. If you prefer reading on your kindle, make sure your e-reader has a stylish case!

Also, you should definitely check out this post on Caution District for tips on making Earth a cleaner planet.

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Have a great day 🙂

“It’s Rough” Duct Tape Bookmark

I’m the type of person who will never (ever!!) put a book down. But sometimes it’s just so hard to keep going when a book gets boring! So I made the “It’s Rough” bookmark for times like these. You’ll need a 14 inch patterned piece of duct tape and a few inches of solid colored tape. You’ll also need a scrap of ribbon.

1. Fold the patterned tape in half so it is 7 in long. Try to make it a bit wrinkly.

2. Next, you can see I added stripes with the solid color. It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but the blues have very rough, jagged edges. To create this effect, rip the stripes instead of cutting them.

3. Tape the ribbon to the top of the back. Now, take a pair of scissors and cut the edges of the bookmark in a jagged, messy fashion.

Your bookmark is complete! 🙂 Very useful video coming on Thursday….bye for now! P.S. Yup… experimenting with html again- the font is now green!