Updates, Updates…

New Tape

So. Updates, updates. Let’s start with the design. As you can see, Duct Tape Doodles has a new theme (again). I really wanted a theme with a sidebar, and I just could NOT make the sidebar appear in my old theme, Blissful Blog. So now, here’s the new theme: Matala. And the second update- I GOT NEW DUCT TAPE!!! The two colors of tape I bought are called Leopard and Electric. I’m excited to make some news tutorials with them!


New Theme…Again

Hola, amigos! As you can see, I changed the blog theme… again. I know I’ve changed the theme many times :), but it always seems like no theme is quite right for Duct Tape Doodles. Hopefully, the new theme “Pink Touch 2” will do the trick. Bye for now!