This is an AMAZING duct tape craft! It’s so pretty!


We are obsessed with the brilliant twist on a household staple: duct tape in patterns and colors!  Genius!  Zebra, polka dot and cheetah prints are in our tape drawer and have been twisted and folded into roses, wallets and other fun creations.

Emma deserves full credit on this project and the makeover she gave this $5 Target mirror.  It looks adorable against the pink paint in her room.  One simple picture doesn’t capture its magic, so we took it outside!


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A “Garden” of Crafts

OK, I have an apology to make. This post isn’t about duct tape! But I couldn’t resist posting about this wonderful blog called Creative Daisies. To summarize, Creative Daisies is a blog about the many unique crafts you can do with simple household items. For a great example of that, you should check out the post about Izze Bottle Vases. It’s hard to imagine making a beautiful vase out of a soda can, but slugger2008 did it! This blog shows that you can make so many things, without going out and buying fancy craft supplies.  I visit this blog all the time whenever I am in a homemade gift dilemma, and just for fun! Check it out!