A Little Duct Tape Gift Box


Hello, readers! Today I decided to make a little duct tape gift box- an alternative to wrapping paper. This project is best for small presents, because the whole thing needs to be covered in tape. Also, do not tape up the box until after the present is inside! I won’t be able to provide image instructions today because the lighting was terrible and all the pictures I took looked a bit… yellow. So here are the instructions:

You Need: 

A small box (I used a Dove soap box)

Duct tape

Masking Tape

Clear String


1. Close off the box with a bit of masking tape. Obviously, make sure your present is inside!

2. Wrap the entire box in duct tape. Depending on the print on the box and the color of tape you’re using, you may need to use multiple layers.

3. For a cool texture, wrap masking tape over the duct tape. This step is optional, but it will get rid of the shininess of the DT and make your bow stand out.

Congrats! You finished wrapping  the box. Now it’s time to add the bow.

4. Lay a piece of duct tape about 4 inches long down, sticky side up. Lay it down horizontally.

5. Now put a medium size piece of string down vertically on the duct tape. It should be one inch over from the left of your DT.

6. Fold the DT in half, sticky side to sticky side. It should now be 2 inches long, with the string enclosed in the middle.

7. Cut your string into a bow shape. Make sure not to cut the string.

Finally, tie the string around the box! Ta-dah! Your present is now wrapped. I wish I could show you more pictures, but as I said before, they didn’t turn out very nicely and I took them while I was in the process of making the box. I can’t exactly undo the box…

Well, anyway, that’s all for today! But before I go, I need to ask:

What would you like to see made out of duct tape? There are so many possibilities, but if you want any specific tutorials, please mention them in the comments.