Transform Last Year’s Flip Flops with Duct Tape!

Summer’s almost here (kind of), but last year’s flip flops just won’t do the trick. Wait! Don’t go out and buy a new pair. You can beautify your dirty sandals with duct tape!

Before you begin, give your flops a good scrubbing. I found these great instructions that should help.

For this project you will need two colors of duct tape (& some nail polish if you’d like ;-)).

1. Cut a few short pieces of tape (about 6 inches long, I used two of each color per flip flop). Hold each of them vertically and rip them in half so they are skinnier.

2. Wrap them around your flip flops like the picture shows. When both flip flops are complete, paint your toenails if you’d like.

Have fun! P.S. I was experimenting with the html option and decided to make the font orange!

3 thoughts on “Transform Last Year’s Flip Flops with Duct Tape!

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